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I thought RAW skceud. Piper is a shell of his former self. I think he and the writers were expecting more boos for Cena than he actually got. They both looked a little surprised .. with a hey where do we take this now? kinda of twinkle in their eye. Passing the ring to cena reminded me of Hogan and Kane 2. or Abyss. Whatever his name is. I love Piper. I just think last night he could have been better. Cena doesnt put off any energy for Piper to work with Next step would be to do a Pit with the Rock. I think that could be fun. and lastly a 3rd pit with both Rock & Cena. Lets take you back to WM3. Pipers Pit lead to Hogan & Andre. Had them each on then together when Andre challenged Hulk. Easy formula. The final pit, with both Rock & Cena could be the final push the Monday before mania. With it getting very ugly. Almost shoot like. ..and of course, someone snapping. Could just be enough to send fence sitters and doubters over the edge and order. Tho I do agree w/ previous posters. This would be a great time for Cena to go heel. After WM, when Rocky & Cena do the mutual a** kissing arm raising thing, Cena can go back to being bob backlund 2k. nice and boring.Dont like the Divas. pointless. is it that hard to find a diva who work a stick? (insert joke here)Such a boring segment. Waste of money, talent and tv time. If they want to make sure Bryan Danielson gets over, let him keep OFF THE MIC.Fan of Ziggler. He'll be huge one day and regret these days. This is his stunning era. (as in stunning steve austin Wait until they unleash the real Zig. I'll take Cole over Lawler and Booker any day. He plays the role so well. You want to reach thru the TV and punch him in the eye socket. In other words, he's doing his job well. Couldnt care less about old man Kane. Masked or not, he's another i**** who takes 11 minutes to get in the ring. Slow, lame and he's the rex grossman of wrestling. We know who he is..we know what he can and cant do. What can we do with him? Put him against Taker in WM? no way. After the HHH and Michaels match .. this would be dreadful. Jericho and CM PUNK at mania would be groovy to the max. Make it happen WWE.The match could end up being the best on the card. Y2J shows up and blames Punk for stealing his entire gimmick. Including calling himself the best in the world. Nice stick work leading up to it.Boom. Simple and easy. hell of a match.Times change. Nash is 3rd Eye Blind in a Black Eyed Peas world. I dont understand Chads crush on Wade Barrett. I cant get past his ears. I liked him better when his name was Steven Regal. To me, he is boring. He doesnt pop w/ me. He has SOMETHING, but they better shine him up and repackage him soon. Im done .. hit my music

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